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What the FAC? - Welcome

We champion the role of artists in our society. We need artists to provide us with inspiration, creativity, and imagination, and to help us envision a better world. Art mirrors our lives, helps express our own identity and decorates our world.

Full Art Catalog (FAC) is born to bring lasting value to artists by establishing a transparent pulse of the art world beginning with the artist’s story.

Art can be cerebral, thought provoking, visually appealing or a sensually pleasing experience. There are many reasons why art needs to be cataloged and eventually resold in the market; people redecorate, estates need to be settled, taste and lifestyle change.

FAC strongly believes that artists should benefit from the future sales or resales of their works. By beginning with documenting the artist and related artwork’s provenance FAC will be the trusted source for artists, patrons, galleries, collectors, critics, historians and seekers.

If you agree, join us.


Launching Spring 2017

100% of 1.0 Release (completed) - Moon Rocket - more coming daily 🌙 🚀